CSL Plasma

Since beginning its program of expansion in 2011, CSL Plasma, a division of CSL Behring, has grown to become one of the largest plasma collection networks in the world, providing human plasma to CSL Behring for the manufacture and distribution of plasma protein biotherapeutics. Its expanded laboratory and logistics operations have increased CSL Plasma’s testing and storage capacity to meet the growing need for plasma-derived therapies.

CSL Plasma has collection centres throughout the US, Germany, and Hungary with plasma testing laboratories and logistics centres in the US and Germany.

The Global and US headquarters of CSL Plasma is located in Boca Raton, Florida, with the European (EU) headquarters located in Marburg, Germany. Within the US and Germany, logistics centres are located in Indianapolis, Indiana (US), Mesquite, Texas (US) and Schwalmstadt, Germany, while the plasma testing laboratories are located in Knoxville, Tennessee (US) and Goettingen, Germany.

In a highly regulated industry, CSL Behring and CSL Plasma use the most sophisticated systems and continue to explore avenues of innovation.

For our donors, CSL Plasma has developed the most efficient processes and systems that focus on donor and plasma safety, along with donor satisfaction.

CSL Plasma Map